Unveiling Sophia: Heart Wisdom in an Age of Technology

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Sophia, who the ancient Greeks regarded as the goddess of wisdom, represents a threshold through which we can access the deep reserves of archetypal wisdom veiled within our hearts. But many modern women (and men) are painfully dissociated from Sophia, their innerspring of feminine wisdom and the primal source of their power and nurturance.

Western women and men from around the globe have deep archetypal roots that have lain dormant after more than two millennia of patriarchal control. Sophia, symbolizing heart wisdom, awaits collective rebirth and her portal for renewal is through the heart.

The wisdom of Sophia is held within the archetype of the spiral, and this numerical-based symbol is recognizable among scientists (physically/logos), depth psychologists (psychologically/mythos), and ancient Wisdom traditions (spiritually).

The spiral archetype provides us with a mythical thread that guides us from our overindulgence in technology and rationality (logos) to ways of knowing that value direct experience, embodied wisdom, and feminine understanding (Sophia). We can begin to dissolve the barriers between logos and Sophia (or masculine science and feminine wisdom) by taking a deep dive into the mystery of the spiral, Sophia’s signature archetype.

Through Sophia, the wisdom of the heart accelerates the evolution of humanity from one-sided logos (logical/rational masculine principle) to incorporate new forms of awareness. Or as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe had it in Faust Part II, “The eternal feminine hithers us on.”

Sophia is the portal through which we can access the deep reserves of archetypal wisdom hidden within our hearts—the eternal feminine wisdom that synchronizes the spiraled human heartbeat with the heartbeat of the universe. The feminine spiral signals healing and evolution. and through our collective evolution, we begin to heal the soul of the world, anima mundi.


Dr. Anne Elizabeth Taylor works at the intersection of Neurobiology, Mythology, and Wisdom Traditions. Her focus is on the heart and its transformational role in healing psychesoma, and anima mundi (mind, body, and the soul of the earth). As a former Engineering Director for a Seattle-based heart monitoring company, Anne is well versed in the Western mechanistic view of the heart. And yet, she felt an inner calling to bear witness to the profound archetypal and spiritual potentials that lie within one’s heart, and their broader significance for humanity.

Anne holds a B.S. in Medical Biology from S.U.N.Y. and a Ph.D. in Mythological Studies with emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She is a KRI certified Kundalini yoga teacher and a licensed HeartMath provider. Anne lives and works on an island off the coast of Washington State.

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